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Bag Style & Options

Baker Bags produces standard anode and basket bags along with many custom styles including, but not limited to:

Reel to reel

Double bottom - same fabric, monofilament or vinyl. Internal or external.

Round bottom

3-D bags with rod supports or ties

Double bags in any combination

Lunch box corners

Folded over reinforced side and bottom seams

Tapered tops to accommodate hoppers

Internal seams

Finished edges

Velcro closure

Velcro closure with notches


Drawstring in white, blue, green and red

Heavy drawstring

Double tie

Heavy double tie

Light 1" webbing

Heavy 1" webbing

100% Polyester velcro hook and loop (USA manufactured)


EPDM rubber flange

4" and 7" #304 stainless steel ring

4" and 7" polypropylene ring

4" and 7" molded plastic flanges

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